“Give it your best and do not underestimate your own abilities!”

This was the message Special Olympics New Zealand Team swimmer Unity Collins had for every one of the 7,500 athletes participating in the World Games.

The 24-year-old, who is visually impaired, competed in the 4x25 meter freestyle relay, 50m freestyle and 25m backstroke at the Hamdan Sports Complex in Dubai.

After winning a silver medal in the 50m freestyle, Unity spoke with the World Games Abu Dhabi Special Correspondents Brendyn Monsorate, Bilal Hafeez and Christopher Swaminathan.

Unity has been swimming since she was 12 when her parents first introduced her to the pool. Her mum and dad quickly realized their daughter’s passion for swimming and appointed a coach to train Unity to achieve her dream of representing New Zealand on the world stage.

“I’m extremely thankful to my parents and relatives who really supported and encouraged me throughout my swimming training,” said Unity, who also thanked the spectators who cheered on all of the swimmers throughout the competition.

“Nothing is impossible,” said the athlete, who added she overjoyed to have won the silver medal. Unity said that with a positive attitude, courage and will-power, all Special Olympics athletes can achieve their goals.