• The 2019 Special Olympics World Games offer sponsors, corporate supporters, and individual friends an unparalleled opportunity to play a major role in a truly transformational event, one that will have a beneficial impact on our nation and the region for many years to come. Your relationship with this event will not simply boost brand recognition globally, it will also establish your connection to one of the most positive and inspiring social developments in this century – a connection that will resonate with everyone your brand, your people, and your cause may touch.

    No other organized event in the world has the emotional and social impact of the Special Olympics World Games. For the athletes and their families, it opens doors to unimagined possibilities. For those who volunteer, support, and sponsor the Games, it inspires unprecedented pride and hope for a brighter future. And for the cities, states, and nations who host the Games, it transforms their society, creating a more just and understanding environment for all, demonstrating to the world their recognition of the value of every human being.

    This is the opportunity for you and your organization to be part of something that truly reaches out to the whole world and will showcase the UAE at its brilliant best. An enormous effort is needed to organize and run an event of this magnitude - the largest sports and humanitarian event in the world in 2019. We would be delighted to prepare a bespoke package explaining how your participation could build your brand, inspire your employees, and help transform and inspire the whole nation.

    The World Games will be marketed to a national, regional, and global audience with a comprehensive campaign featuring an aggressive media relations, social media, and content marketing effort, supported by a large network of partners in all forms of media, including TV, social media, radio, publications, and more.

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