Up, Up and Away with Etihad
February 05, 2018
June 14, 2018
Etihad Blog Lead

Etihad Aviation Group is an official sponsor for the Special Olympics World Games 2019 and the airline just upped the ante on volunteerism.

Through the program, employees will continue to receive their full salary for up to five days out of the office to volunteer at the Games, being held in Abu Dhabi. Their goal is to recruit 500 employee volunteers for the upcoming Special Olympics IX MENA Regional Games in March and another 1000 volunteers for the World Games in 2019.

Speaking about the initiative, Etihad’s new Group CEO, Tony Douglass said: “We are honored to sponsor the Special Olympics and to provide our employees with the opportunity to support this major sporting event.”

Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019, CEO, Peter Wheeler, said: “It is great to have Etihad’s support for the Games and implement the free volunteer hours system for their staff. Not only that but having the company’s Group CEO, Tony Douglas, sign up as one of our volunteers is testament to their commitment to Special Olympics. Volunteers will play an invaluable role in the Games and companies such as Etihad are leading the way in helping us to ensure the Games are a huge success.”

Beyond encouraging volunteers, Etihad will be flying in athletes, equipment, coaches, dignitaries and the media for the Games. They will also provide expertise in hospitality management to Special Olympics. With their strengths as an industry leader and their commitment to providing as many volunteers as possible, Special Olympics is sure to soar with Etihad as a partner.

Volunteers are vital to the success of these events and you have a unique opportunity to support Special Olympics and shape the history of sports in Abu Dhabi. To get in the game, click here now.