Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution… Make a difference!

READER ADVISORY: The following post features seriously inspirational content. If you are faint of heart click away now. If you are brave enough… keep reading.

January 07, 2019
January 08, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR! If you haven’t already, the chances are that you will be thinking about making a New Year’s resolution. Yes, you could resolve to exercise more. You could plan to quit smoking (actually, do that!). You could plan to save more than you spend and cook more meals at home. Maybe you want to be more organized, read more or travel more. Perhaps you want to spend more time with friends and family, learn a new skill or just live life to the fullest.

These are all indeed extremely admirable aims and according to careers advancement provider GoSkills they are the most commonly made and unfortunately broken, New Year’s resolutions.

So, do you want to know the secret sauce to making a New Year’s resolution that will actually stick?

The secret is….

Wait for it…

Don’t plan to make a small change.

Aim to make a BIG DIFFERENCE?

In just over two months, Abu Dhabi is hosting the Special Olympics World Games and this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change not just your own life, not just the lives of the athletes with intellectual disabilities, but to change the entire society and help make the UAE, and even the wider world, a more inclusive place.

Still not convinced?

Consider this… It has been found in studies carried out by people wearing lab coats that volunteering helps you:

· Gain self-confidence
· Make a difference
· Combat depression
· Stay physically healthy
· Learn new skills
· Counteract the effects of stress and anxiety
· And just have fun!

Plus, as said before, volunteering with the Special Olympics - a landmark event that focusses on breaking down barriers for people with intellectual disabilities - means that the benefits are wider reaching than just personal.

‘But… I’m just one person’… we hear you say… ‘What can I do?’

The answer is, A LOT!

There is a veritable plethora or a marvelous myriad of options and volunteer roles available to plucky individuals just like YOU!

YOU could… report live from the Games for the official blog
YOU could… help out with marshaling for your favorite sport
YOU could… help with medical screening if you have a medical background
YOU could… help translate for visiting athletes
YOU could… work in guest services if you are a real people person
YOU could… capture all the action through the lens of your trusty camera or video camera
YOU could… choose from many more exciting volunteer roles at the Games

There is a role for absolutely everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to start your volunteer journey with the Special Olympics.

WARNING: If you volunteer for the Special Olympics World Games in 2019, we’re not sure what you are going to do in 2020 to top that!