The 2019 Special Olympics World Games will be supported by an aggressive, comprehensive, and integrated marketing program rolling out in three phases:

Educate and Embrace

Already, efforts to build awareness of the World Games have begun, focused on reaching all stakeholders – locally, regionally, and internationally – with the news that something extraordinary is coming to Abu Dhabi. Our message, supported by a massive media relations campaign, will emphasize stories of inclusion and acceptance, and how the UAE is already leading the region to a more enlightened vision of an integrated society. We will engage with Special Olympics Global Ambassadors, other national SO chapters, and international media to ensure worldwide awareness of the event and of the UAE’s role in transforming regional attitudes and creating new, exciting opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Engage and Excite

Strategies for our second phase of marketing are designed to engender excitement about the Games, leading to greater engagement with the event at both the individual and organizational level. Our objectives will be to inspire people to engage with the event as volunteers and spectators (locally, regionally, and internationally); to bring more people with ID throughout the region into the Special Olympics and to participate in some way in World Games activities; to stimulate the business sector and government institutions – particularly schools – to get involved; and to instill a sense of pride in the UAE in our leadership as advocates for inclusion. Much of this phase will focus on social media as a means of directly engaging and building relationships between stakeholders and the event itself, with the ultimate goal of getting people, for all the varied reasons, to come, watch, learn, and be a part of the World Games in March 2019.

Extend and Expand

This third phase will focus on driving public support for policy change and providing continued opportunities for people with ID to play a more integrated role in our society. The key term is legacy: For the World Games to have achieved its truly ambitious, transformational goals, we need to carry our marketing and communications effort beyond the dates of the event itself. Much of this will happen at the local level, and involve close cooperation and partnering between supporter organizations, Special Olympics, local government, schools and universities, the media, and the general public. This grassroots marketing campaign may ensure the legacy of these Games last far into the future.

Media Partners

Media organizations who have already committed to supporting our marketing campaign include:

  • The National Media Council
  • Twofour54
  • FLASH Entertainment
  • Abu Dhabi Media
  • Al-Ittihad
  • Majid
  • The National
  • National Geographic Al Arabiya
  • Zahrat Al Khaleej
  • Al Emarat
  • Yas
  • Abu Dhabi Channel
  • Abu Dhabi Sports
  • Emarat FM
  • Abu Dhabi FM
  • Radio Mirchi
  • Abu Dhabi Classif FM
  • anaZahra
  • Tawzea
  • United Printing and Publishing
  • LIVE Broadcast Production

Thanks for joining our movement!

The Abu Dhabi 2019 World Games will be one to remember. We'll be in touch with updates about the Games and how you can be involved.