Our Logo

Austria 2017 Closing Ceremony

Inspired by traditional Khoos, a traditional Emirati form of weaving, the logo of the 2019 Special Olympics World Games is a metaphor for the unifying power of the event.
It demonstrates how the World Games create a spirit of inclusion and unity. The unique colors of Abu Dhabi's natural environment, including sand, sea, sky, flora, and fauna, are combined to give a real sense of place.
The Special Olympics logo is rendered as a solid globe to give it more impact and uses the Abu Dhabi brand color to connect it to the capital. The outer woven ring creates a burst of energy around the globe to illustrate how the Special Olympics will influence Abu Dhabi, the region and the world.
The resulting brand is energetic, modern, dynamic and inclusive and will act as the perfect invitation to the world to join us in Abu Dhabi in 2019 for the most unified Games in the history of the Special Olympics.

Thanks for joining our movement!

The Abu Dhabi 2019 World Games will be one to remember. We'll be in touch with updates about the Games and how you can be involved.