A Message of Hope

Our life is our integration.

Although the Special Olympics World Games will be the world’s largest amateur sporting event in 2019, they are much more than a competition. By capturing the attention and imagination of millions of people – throughout the UAE, the region, and across the globe – the World Games send a powerful message of hope, joy, and pride to people everywhere. Delivering that message loudly, passionately, and effectively is an enormous effort, involving the combined support and involvement of numerous individuals and organizations.

The communications and advocacy effort undertaken in support of the 2019 World Games will be the largest in Special Olympics history.

  • A massive integrated marketing and communications campaign will be managed in a way that ensures all public offices, private corporate sponsors, media partners, and all stakeholders will speak with one unified message emphasizing inclusion and acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities and demonstrating how much they have to offer and how much they can achieve.
  • Our communications goals will be to educate all target audiences, but especially the people of the UAE and our region, on Abu Dhabi’s commitment to driving grassroots change in the lives of millions of people with ID in the region; to engage and excite people about how beneficial it is, to the athletes and to each individual, to participate in this event – as a sponsor, volunteer, spectator, host; and to extend the impact of the World Games after the event is over, to reinforce people’s sense of pride in how the UAE is leading the region to an era of greater inclusion and happiness.
  • Throughout the months leading up to the World Games, the Local Organizing Committee will have the support of all communications operations within government offices and agencies, with a special emphasis on schools and education. A broad array of media partners are committed to spreading the message of Special Olympics in the region prior to and during the World Games, and many of the region’s best communications and public relations firms will provide their expertise and services to ensuring that message reaches everyone effectively.
  • Before and during the World Games, local, regional, and Global Ambassadors – individual advocates for the message of Special Olympics – will work to spread the message to groups and organizations throughout the region and the world. This will include newly recruited Youth Ambassadors who will speak specifically to the region’s young people, as well as Special Olympics Global Ambassadors, a trained organization of articulate and impassioned spokespeople including SO athletes, family members, and numerous worldwide celebrities who have adopted Special Olympics’ mission as their own.

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The Abu Dhabi 2019 World Games will be one to remember. We'll be in touch with updates about the Games and how you can be involved.